The Cosmo Kid was born and raised in Wood-Ridge N.J., 10 Miles east of New York City. He is currently 27 years old and he has been on the road since he was 17. His travels have taken him from border to border and coast to coast and he has met many interesting and inspiring people along the way.

It was approximately ten years ago that Cosmo met an artist known as Ace. It was Ace who inspired Cosmo to learn how to paint.  Ace took Cosmo under his wing and taught him the basics and then sent Cosmo on his way. Since then Cosmo has learned, traded and swapped ideas with over 30 different artists from around the world. He has never attended any art school nor has he taken any art classes.

Cosmo's paintings are a representation of his amazing imagination and they seem to grow and change as Cosmo does. Each and every piece is an original and no two pieces are exactly alike. In the past eight years he has painted over 100,000 paintings. In addition to his normal paintings, Cosmo has also painted many special order and custom paintings. His portfolio contains numerous car hoods and tailgates, limousines, monster trucks, mailboxes, computer cases, surfboards, skateboards, snow boards, amusement park rides, room ceilings, walls and even the entire floor of 3 retail stores in Florida.  

Cosmo is currently performing across the country at state fairs and festivals.